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Measure the impact of transformation, in real-time

Pulse gives you a simple and easy-to-use hub where your workforce can feed in data on the effectiveness of any transformation programme and correlate with key business metrics, in real-time.

Real-time data helps you to optimise and adapt your programme. Minimise waste by validating what has the most powerful impact. Demonstrate return on investment of transformation, quantitatively and qualitatively.


Use Pulse to get a baseline temperature check on everyone taking part in the programme. Schedule in-progress check-ins in line with the rest of your transformation journey. Pulse provides a home page where relevant resources and information can be presented.


As participants progress through the programme, measure their changing mindset and confidence. Gather feedback on the effectiveness of events and learning opportunities. Visualise the individual journey each participant goes on.


Optimise transformation by understanding the efficacy of learning. Steer and adapt change programmes in a lean and data-driven way. Get the maximum return on your investment by iterating and refining your programme.